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The Worlds First Sound Activated L.E.D Sunglasses.
This product is unique because of it's patented Sound Sensitivity Controller
Adjustable to respond to your voice , Light up and Pulse to the sounds of music and much more !

The Inventor / Software Engineer / Entrepreneur

Michael William Boise or Mikey Famous in Vegas

Michael was working a dead end job, came from a broken home and probably has one of the most unique success stories in the world.
One night he had a vision at a night club in Jersey City and this vision consisted of Sound Activated L.E.D Sunglasses Blinking to the BEAT of Music using a sound sensitivity controller
After many many painful losses, lots of money tied into manufacturing and revisions it seemed like a project doomed to fail.

After Mikey's ex business partner went behind his back and sent his idea to China everything changed! 10 years of time lossed fighting ruthless Chinese Bosses and their minions working at sweat shop factories desperately trying to knock off his invention and many horror shows later Mikey was forced to leave his office job as a Microsoft .NET c# Senior Solutions Developer and go on a suicide mission to China bootstrap his start up, and defend his brand Rhythm Vizion. But The story turned out to be another rabbit hole. He was trapped in rat infested slums , eating poorly and caught multiple diseases over his body as you can see his arms in the photo. AND to pass time while he was trapped left for the dead while also hackers were attacking his patented software social media sales and marketing platform that he designed and developed called www.Twambit.com to keep his faith while fighting death. After almost dying It wasn't until local authorities and the U.S Embassy had to get involved to aide him back to America where he is now recovering. An ex Navy officer said Michael most likely experienced. " post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ". Michael William Boise was finally awarded US PatentNo. 8,514,097 for " Glasses with Sound Activated Lights " AND both sides have finally agreed and now joined forces to create a new BRAND called RAREVAY. Michael's Logo is on the factory and serious buyers are now welcome. We manufacture LED gift supplies using bluetooh, IOT, .NET Duino , Wifi and now have the best of both worlds of USA and China engineering and branding together as one happy successful brand, RAREVAY
Rhythm Vizion Sunglasses is now selling in volume all across the world.
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Rhythm Vizion

MOQ only 100x pairs

Rhythm Vizion is not just any pair of Sunglasses

it's your thought energy

It's built with the future in mind.

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Rhythm Vizion REV III

MOQ 50000x ; TAT 45 days ; FOB Your Company ; ROHS Compliant

These are built to last and keep on getting better. Our factory has the ability to produce 50,000x units per day. shipping to over 206 countries. Contact Us for Distribution and License Agreements.


  • Micro-chip controlled L.E.D (Light Emitting Diodes)
  • Sound Activated LED LIGHT Sunglasses
  • Lights adjustable to blink, flash, and pulse in time to the beat of the music in the room, the sound of your voice, or any ohter sound.
  • On/Off switch with sensitivity control.
  • USB Rechargeable Battery
  • Available in five frame colors: Clear/Black, Clear/White, Blue, Green, Pink which come with clear or smoked lenses ADD which show up to three light combinations in the frame
    .etc with up to 3 different colors in a single pair
  • Gen II with many new enhanced features
  • Individually packaged for retail
  • Suggested Retail for Distributors: Ask Us